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A Brief Brainstorm

I do my best to read just a little about DMing every day to keep the new ideas and strategies flowing. Just yesterday I stumbled upon the idea that when preparing extra encounters to use when players go off the path, to use places like cellars. I guess some of the civilization related dungeons were off my radar. To the point: I want to brainstorm some appropriate ideas for Trillia.

-The cellar seems like a good one… I imagined most of the houses to be built quite low, so they might often need cellars for storage space.

-Warehouse: this one can be good in a big city, if there are corrupt leaders, or a local gang. A food warehouse in a small settlement could suffer a strange infestation.

-Ruins: Out of town, in town, I want these things everywhere for the flavour of my world.

-Rivers: We’ve had a river encounter already, but perhaps the rivers serve as an important trackway into the mountains. Rivers often mean reasonable terrain, and fresh water is right there, so who needs to build more roads?

-Marshes: We’ve had one of these too. Perhaps another peat bog, more of a skill challenge, where crossing risks the chance of instantly being swallowed up.

-Thickets: Perhaps an animal den or in use as a hideout for bandits.

-Caves: The current setting features coastline, foothills and mountains… it’s a wonder they haven’t found a cave yet. I’ve stated sea travel is rare, but a secret group of sailors who make use of some sea caves could be cool.

Deep forest: This could serve as a navigation challenge, a tracking challenge, or home to some mysterious beast.

Town hall: Or a higher political power… I haven’t really thrown the players any political encounters yet, so it would be fun to try something new.

That’s all I’ve got for now… suggestions welcome!


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