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Trillia History

Trillia Reboot?

I haven’t thought about this storyline for a while, so I’m approaching it from the start! New draft, with the support of Written? Kitten! How can I go wrong?

The ancient war of Trilla began with an omen in the sky; dazzling pink shards of another realm, soon to bring a rain of utter destruction and ruin on an established, peaceful planet. After the war Trillia’s society was reduced to ruins, it’s peoples sundered and demented by the impact of war with no ordinary force. The brilliant crystals hanging in the heavens represented none other than the Far Realm. The cosmic rotational churning of galaxies brought the Trillia system close enough to the cosmic gated far realm to breach it’s walls through asteroid impact, releasing the foulspawn within.
Foulspawn are malevolent, warped creatures, born out of pure insanity. Some believe that the centre of the far realm, where all foulspawn originate is a fragment sheared from the Elemental Chaos during the Dawn War, but of course none can say for sure, because even at the edge of the Far Realm, the maddening energies are enough to rend the strongest minds to bits. It is no wonder then, that even a brush with the edge of the Far Realm wrought devastation upon beautiful Trillia. Our tale begins with the omen in the sky: Razor pink crystals, brilliant and gleaming, heralding the end of peaceful times, and the council of Elder Dragons, the most powerful beings alive, sworn to protect the planet.


Chapter 1:

Gamox Murkcutter considered himself a sturdy goblin, and a worthy knight under Visefist the Goblin King.  Gamox had grown up with both parents members of the city guard, and the three of them sparred often as a hobby, a way to pass the time.  He began his defense training at twelve, two years earlier than most goblins.  The training was intense for a goblin so much smaller than his comrades, but Gamox turned this to his advantage, focusing on nimble evasion turning the momentum of an attackers blows against them,  throwing them off balance with the slightest motion.  He had held on to this fighting style all his life, it now defined his very being.

Now he faced his greatest challenge so far.  The king had requested Gamox visit the Dwarven people, competitors with the Goblins through ages past.  Naturally the dwarves met announcement of Gamox’s arrival with the issue of a challenge from their greatest warrior.  Gamox had no choice but to accept and found himself locked against a fierce dwarf, blade to blade.  The combat had gone nowhere  since its start an hour ago.  Dwarven unity with the firm ground of the rocky arena held the dwarf fast against every unbalancing blow Gamox sent her way.  At the same time, she could land no blow against him, every swing lightly parried, every stab evaded nimbly…