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I feel like this is my greatest area of challenge. Reviewing the DM guide reminded me to engage multiple senses, and use descriptions for foreshadowing and to build tension… I guess short term foreshadowing is the best case scenario… bring up a particular smell or sound associated with a particular monster early in a dungeon, then bring it back again later, like as a climax or anticlimax.


New Campaign World

So I’ve recently read the guide to instant DMing from http://www.dungeonmastering.com/.  I have to say I really enjoyed it, and while I sometimes feel sort of lost after reading something with few concrete examples, I think I’m onto something here.  So, I guess the first thing that I’ve got to do is work to further develop my new world that I’ve been building….

I’ve got a few things down so far:

-The world is called Trillia

-During an ancient war the rotation of the world was brought to a halt

-It doesn’t rotate, so there’s a frozen always night side, and a scorching always day side.  Between these two extremes there’s a twilight area where most life exists.

-There are ancient elemental dragons who guard the apex of each environment in the world (ice waste, desert, ocean, terrestrial environments).

-Populations are highly segregated, with a few select races inhabiting any particular area.

-Dragonborn, goblins, lizardfolk and kobolds make up the main societies of the our starting area.

-Seafaring travel is rare, so contact between races is limited.

-Within the starting area there are interests in starting the planetary motion again.

-There are goblin groups who explore ancient ruins, and evidence of different races in past society.

-The Ultimate Campaign Goal:  If the characters can restore rotation to the world, they will be able to enjoy it’s diversity!

Sleeping Dragons

Just a quick sketch for the day, a white dragon sleeping in a cave.